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McCann Dogs Training Treat Pouch

McCann Dogs Training Treat Pouch

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This McCann Dogs Training Treat Pouch will help you to have your food reward quickly available when you're training. Timing is EVERYTHING when it comes to training your dog. This pouch is easy to get into quickly so you're not digging around for a treat while you're missing the perfect moment to reward. It also prevents you from having to put stinky or slimy treats in your pockets! The McCann Dogs training treat pouch is also a great way to keep you from having to hold food in your hands while still being quickly available when it's time to reward. The treat pouch comes with a waist strap and belt clips that easily adapt to whatever you're wearing. It also has a clip for your waistband (pictured below). You'll always have the necessities available when you're wearing your treat pouch because this bag has a weatherproof zippered section for training aids or pop bags! The McCann Dogs Treat Pouch is really easy to clean out and wash!

The pouch is approximately 5 1/2"H X 5"W and the waistband can extend up to 48" so it will fit over whatever you're wearing!

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