The Guide to Preparing for your New Puppy

Everything you'll need to know before your new pup arrives home!

Get 3 months access for $97 USD

What you do in the first few months will make a huge difference in the next 10 - 15 years!

  • Daily puppy schedules that work
  • Puppy-proof your home
  • What to shop for and why
  • All about socialization and exposure
  • Advice for multi-pet households
  • Gain the know-how to avoid the common pitfalls that might limit your success

Program Curriculum

Make Great Progress with the McCann Method®

Start your training journey with the McCann Method®. Our programs are built to help you and your dog develop skills and a great bond as they grow up.

Start with the Puppy Prep Guide for all the advice you’ll need to help prepare for your new puppy. You’ll learn how to shop for your new puppy and puppy-proof your home. You’ll gain the know-how to squash common myths that might limit your success.

Once your new puppy finally arrives home, join us for Puppy Essentials! You can start the Online Program as soon as your pup comes home at 8 weeks of age or join us for our In-Person Program once your puppy is 10 weeks of age. You’ll build a strong foundation of essential skills to set your puppy up for lifelong success and learning.

As soon as you finish Puppy Essentials, you can join us for Life Skills 1 to continue your training efforts. Life Skills 1 will build on your pup’s obedience skills with essentials like Loose Leash Walking, reliable Recalls and solid Sit and Down Stays. Life Skills 1 can be taken as either an Online or In-Person Program.

Are you planning on registering for more than one of our online programs? Check out the options below to save when you bundle!

Our Programs

Online Puppy Prep Guide

Everything you'll need to know before your new pup arrives home!

Reach out to our Office Team to learn how to bundle this program with our In-Person Puppy Essentials Program to save! You’ll also get immediate support from the McCann Dogs team of instructors.

Online Puppy Prep Guide & Puppy Essentials Bundle

Start your new relationship right with the Puppy Prep Guide, and then don’t skip a beat; get started training essential skills as soon as you bring your new puppy home. 

 Bundle the Puppy Prep Guide with our Online Puppy Essentials program and save USD 50! Total value $464 USD.

The Full Online Bundle

The Full Bundle includes our Puppy Prep Guide, Puppy Essentials & Life Skills 1 Program!

This will ensure you and your new 4-legged family member develop a great foundation of skills that will last a lifetime! You will be able to prep for your new puppy, then gain essential skills to start your puppy on the right path & begin teaching fabulous manners! In Life Skills 1, you’ll add skills like loose lead walking, reliable recall, greeting manners and so much more! Plus, you’ll get to take advantage of our best discounts. Total value $861 USD.