Your Path to the Perfect Puppy!

In Puppy Essentials, you’ll learn how to communicate with your new 4-legged family member. Build a great relationship with solid skills and understanding using lessons that are clearly demonstrated and explained. Your team of McCann Dogs Instructors will be there to support you through your journey.

For puppies up to 15 weeks of age.

Start Training

Talk to a trainer to find the right program for your dog:


With the help of Puppy Essentials, you'll learn to:

  • Crate and potty train to perfection.
  • Fix nipping quickly!
  • Teach your puppy how to be calm and accepting of grooming and vet exams.
  • How to socialize your new puppy properly with a focus on manners as well as fun!
  • Use your puppy's instincts to build good behaviour.

The McCann Dogs Team

Over the years, McCann Dogs has added the world’s best and brightest dog trainers to our team! Our instructors are dedicated to helping you teach your dog to have good manners and excellent skills. One of the most incredible things about our team’s trainers is they all started as students in McCann Dogs programs, so they know what it’s like to learn about training dogs from the student’s perspective.

Busy schedule? We can help with that!

We offer flexibility so you can focus on training your dog!
Contact our office to learn more about rescheduling your class!

Same great program, two different ways to train!

Train In-Person

Train In-Personmask-group1-1678042569060__PID:c13b99cc-1c57-416a-a614-9eb8b4a13326

Train for 4 weeks at your scheduled 90 minute class each week.

Receive immediate feedback from expert dog trainers while learning skills.

Get all of your questions answered during Q&A period after class.

Gain access to online video lessons and training manual with homework and learning resources.

Train in a modern, climate-controlled indoor facility and fenced outdoor yards before or after class.


Review the Program Curriculum below for the skills & behaviours covered in Puppy Essentials.

Train Online

Train Onlinemask-group-2-1678043995694__PID:16a6640f-ca7f-4dee-93fd-c13b99cc1c57

Start immediately and get access for 3 months! Train at home through 4 weeks of lessons presented through step-by-step instruction and video.

Receive feedback 6 days a week from expert instructors during the program.

Participate in live weekly Group Coaching Calls on the most common training issues, or watch the replay.

Join the McCann Dogs exclusive support group and welcoming community of dog lovers!

Access bonus content like the Nail Trim Workshop and the Full Grooming Maintenance Program.


Review the Program Curriculum below for the skills & behaviours covered in Puppy Essentials.

Program Curriculum

  • We know this struggle is real! You’ll learn why your puppy is nipping and how to address the root issues with good information that will help build an understanding that it’s never okay to nip humans - even in play!

Helping over 100,000 dog owners just like you!

“As first-time puppy owners, we came across McCann through their youtube videos. We instantly connected with them as they were easy to understand. I questioned whether paying for the course was even worth it, and my gosh was it ever! We decided to take the Online Puppy Essentials course, and I couldn’t believe the support! The course itself is great with short videos, clear instructions and SO much information. The live zoom classes are great as it makes you feel connected, and the Private Facebook group is phenomenal!"

“We have a 14-week-old Goldendoodle puppy who is fabulous, but before this course, she was nipping, zooming around the house, chewing furniture and a bit out of control. The techniques that they teach are easy to learn and so effective that now my puppy is resting peacefully in her crate, waits patiently when I open the door, has good manners when I feed her and is overall a superstar! Thank you for helping me enjoy my puppy and feel peaceful and in control.”

"Six months prior to our receiving our 8-week-old border collie, I came across McCann Dogs on YouTube. I signed up for the Puppy Essentials Program the day after we picked up Jedi. I have so appreciated this course and all of the instructors featured in the videos, Zoom, and on Facebook. I highly recommend this program to new puppy owners."


Who is this course for?

Puppy Essentials is anyone with a puppy between the ages of 8 and 15 weeks.

Please note that to attend Puppy Essentials In-Person, puppies must be a minimum of 10 weeks of age due to vaccination safety requirements.

Do we get to interact with trainers?

Yes! This is what is truly special about our programs! When you attend classes in person, you'll get to know your consistent Instructors during class each week. Ask questions and get support in real time as you learn and work on the program skills.

I bet you're thinking online will be different. Well, think again! When you attend Puppy Essentials Online, you'll get access to trainers 6 days a week to ask questions. You can email, post questions in the support group, and even submit videos of your training. Your Instructors will provide detailed feedback. In addition to the video lessons, you’ll get to attend weekly coaching calls where we talk about important topics like nipping, barking and how to capture good behaviour. If you can’t make it live, watch the recording later. Take advantage of 4-months of the previous live lessons which are available for your learning!

With all of this, whether you train with us online or in person, you’ll never feel alone!

What is included in the course?

Whether you choose Puppy Essentials in-person or online, you'll get high-quality instructions and support from our expert team of trainers.

Both programs provide detailed written instructions to supplement your live or recorded demonstrations. You’ll have access to loads of supplemental video content, including repeated instruction, real-life training examples and recorded classes.

Will this course work for my dog?

The biggest benefit of training with McCann Dogs is the collective decades of experience in our expert trainers. If you run into a problem, chances are we've seen it and solved it many times before. Joining Puppy Essentials gives you access to an amazing program that will take you step-by-step through the process of training the skills all pup’s need in order to grow into a well-rounded and safe 4-legged family member. Since dogs are not robots, when they do something different or unexpected, you'll be able to call on us, through your support options, to troubleshoot and solve less common problems.

Can I enroll anytime? Can I enroll from anywhere in the world?

In-Person classes have scheduled start dates and run on the same day and time each week. If you can't make a lesson, reach out to our office team to see about booking a make-up lesson. We're located near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Online classes can be attended instantly from anywhere in the world! Start now!! Our doors are always open. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. We'll be there to support you when you need us!

How often do classes start?

In-person classes start every month! Online classes start instantly upon purchase.

What if I decide it’s not the right course for me?

No problem! Check out our Full Money Back Offer:

In-Person Program - 24 hours before your first lesson

Online Programs - 48 hours after you purchase

What if my puppy is older than 4 months?

If your puppy is older than 4 months, we encourage you to look at our Life Skills 1 Program. We can support you through any lingering puppy issues and get you started on the skills that are important for an older puppy.

Are your in-person training classes indoors?

Yes! We train in comfort year round. Our modern, bright training halls are fully climate-controlled for a cool experience in the summer and warmth in the winter. Our rubberized flooring provides a great, non-slip training surface and all of our training halls are equipped with stereo systems so you can easily hear all of the instructions. Check out our virtual tour for a better look at our facility.

What kind of equipment do you recommend?

For class, you will need a 6-foot leash and a regular flat collar (we recommend a metal buckle). You’ll also need some training treats and a bait pouch. For your convenience, we have a small store at our facility or you can purchase recommended equipment online. Over the years, we’ve settled on equipment that we like and that very effectively suits the purposes and needs of our training programs. We’d be happy to help recommend products for you.

What if my dog has aggression issues?

Our family dog classes are for dogs who are friendly with people and other dogs. If you are experiencing aggression, fear or undesirable reactivity from your dog, either toward people or other dogs, reach out to us at yourdog@mccanndogs.com for more information.

This is my child's dog, can they train in the in-person classes?

If kids are part of your family, we want to help you teach mutual respect between them and your canine addition. This means teaching the dog to have good manners around both adults and kids. We encourage the entire family to attend classes; however, for safety reasons, all handlers must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

We know through experience that often, kids aren’t able to take charge of the dog, leading to even less respectful behaviour from the dog going forward. We recommend that an adult take the time to teach the dog all of the necessary skills before any children in the family ask the same of the dog.

Our Online Programs provide a perfect setting for all family members to learn together and get involved with the training!

What vaccinations does my dog need for the in-person classes?

We follow a core vaccination schedule. Dogs attending classes must be up-to-date on all core vaccines including Parvovirus, Distemper and Rabies. Up-to-date is dependent on the age of the dog. We require the following:

Dogs 10 - 12 weeks of age must have one vaccination including Parvovirus and Distemper

Dogs 12 - 16 weeks of age must have a second vaccination including the above

Dogs 16 weeks and older must have the two previous vaccinations plus we look for Rabies vaccination between 4 - 6 months of age

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes - we offer private lessons for individuals who require a personalized training program. All in-person private lessons are conducted at our facility in Flamborough, ON, Canada. We also offer Zoom Private Lessons for virtual learning. We do not do home visits.

How many dogs are in the in-person classes?

Our In-Person Classes have a ratio of one instructor for every 4 dogs in class. The bigger the class, the more instructors there are to help out.

Our Online Classes have ongoing registration, but we support our online students 6 days a week. There is not a shortage of instructor interaction!

Can I bring my family to watch in-person classes?

Yes, we love it when the whole family is on board and encourage everyone to come along!

Do the in-person classes have a training manual?

All of our In-Person classes include a comprehensive online training manual that compliments the lessons to assist you with practicing at home!

Can I train two dogs through Puppy Essentials at the same time?

For our In-Person Programs, if you have more than one puppy in the same household, you will need to have a different handler for each puppy and register each puppy separately! We have many family members come to class together!

For our Online Program,  if you have more than one puppy in the same household, we offer a special discount to you! Email onlinetraining@mccanndogs.com for more details!

Our Facility

Train in our World-Class Facility or Online with our Expert Trainers

The McCann Method has evolved, and with it, the facility has become world-class. Originally in school gyms and community centres, McCann Professional Dog Trainers now sits on 21 beautiful acres in the heart of Flamborough, Ontario, Canada.

In addition to the main building, which holds 3 large, air-conditioned training halls, there is a 12,000 sq. ft. sports arena with top-quality artificial grass and modern regulation equipment.

The McCann Agility Arena is also the training location for many members of Team Canada when practicing for Agility Competitions worldwide.

We welcome human spectators! Please contact us for details!


Train in our World-Class Facility or Online with our Expert Trainers

The McCann Method® has evolved, and with it, the facility has become world-class. Originally in school gyms and community centres, McCann Professional Dog Trainers now sits on 21 beautiful acres in the heart of Flamborough. In addition to the main building, which holds 3 large, air-conditioned training halls, there is a 12,000 sq. ft. sports arena with top-quality artificial grass and modern regulation equipment. Agility trials are also held year-round in our facility.