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McCann Dogs Puppy Training Tug Toy (Puppy Tug)

McCann Dogs Puppy Training Tug Toy (Puppy Tug)

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Why You Need It: Activities like playing tug are a great way to tire out your puppy, while also providing a fun educational experience that builds engagement and establishes wonderful leadership. For puppies who do not naturally enjoy playing tug, this toy is specially designed to create a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

How We Do It: Our Puppy Tug is made with softer fabric and an extra-long tail! Each handmade soft fabric puppy tug is approximately 44" (~111cm) long. This is long enough to get your puppy interested in the toy and short enough to work on your "out" command with good timing.

If you're looking for a GREAT way to tire out your pup quickly and at the same time teach your puppy that YOU are lots of fun, this is the toy you're looking for!

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