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Puppy Training House-Line

Puppy Training House-Line

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Why You Need It: Your puppy training house-line is the management tool that can change EVERYTHING! Using the house-line will allow you to interrupt bad behaviours before they even happen and quickly get control of your puppy when needed. Turn yourself into a puppy-training superhero with EXTRA long arms by using a house-line in your training.


How We Did It: Let's be honest.. You could go out and buy a cheap leash and cut the handle off of it. In fact that's what we used to tell students to do! But we kept hearing about issues with the quality of the clip and slippery materials! This is a 5'(152 cm) cotton web line with a solid clip for use in your puppy management. Perfect for stepping on or taking hold of if your puppy is about to get into trouble. The white line down the middle is an indicator that let's you know if you're using the house-line enough. You should get it dirty! Your puppy should be wearing this any time they are out of their crate and you are supervising them. Take them out side for puppy potty training on their house-line. No need to switch to a leash! This house-line is made to be worn anywhere and everywhere a puppy should go.

"Large" House-Line is 5 feet long and 1/2" wide.

"Small" House-Line is 5 feet long and 1/4" wide

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