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McCann Dogs Fuzzy Ball Tug Toy

McCann Dogs Fuzzy Ball Tug Toy

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Why You Need It: An interactive toy is an essential training tool for every new dog owner. It is also a wonderful way to exercise a well trained dog. Our very own 21 time world champion of dog agility, Kayl McCann will often use a tug toy when she is looking to get a little extra motivation out of her dogs in a training exercise. It the perfect alternative to a treat reward in many training situations. We wanted to provide a toy that was just right for any dog that loves to chase and tug, and that's exactly what we did.

 How We Did It: Our Fuzzy Ball Tug Toy has 3 distinct features. The bungee handle makes tugging more exciting for your dog. It also allows your dog to grab the toy even more intensely without worrying that your arm is going to fall out.. The fuzz on the toy will motivate dogs who have prey-drive. And the ball at the end is great for dogs with high toy-drive. As a fun addition it also glows in the dark (this has no added value other than it looks very cool at night).


We have 2 sizes of ball tugs available.

Larger Ball (21" Long) - Size Of A Tennis Ball

Smaller Ball (20" Long) - Slightly Smaller Than A Tennis Ball

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