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Life Skills 3

Life Skills 3

In-person class

You and your dog have learned and mastered the basics. Now, put your skills to the test in Life Skills 3! Dogs love this level of training where we will continue to challenge their listening skills when it comes to the basics like walking on lead, stays and coming when called. Life Skills 3 will offer you complete off-leash control regardless of the distractions. Our experience tells us that your dog will progress faster when you take Life Skills 3 immediately after Life Skills 2. Continue learning in Life Skills 3!


Your dog will enjoy:

  • Learning complete off-leash control, regardless of the distractions
  • Building more control into their retrieve
  • Learning sit and down stays with you out of sight
  • Building a response to sit and down commands from a distance
  • Learning simple hand signals
  • Learning a stand for exam
  • Perfecting the basics!
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