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Life Skills 4

Life Skills 4

In-person class

In Life Skills 4, you’ll take your training to the next level! You’ll learn more advanced training concepts like shaping, capturing, luring, proofing, using props and more. It’s so much fun you’ll be hooked!

You’ll feel renewed strength in your relationship with your dog as you help them build stronger emotional control while perfecting skills like recalls, walking on lead, and building even better responses to your verbal commands. You’ll also continue to build better focus on you as you teach your dog to ignore distractions.

There will be lots of new skills to add in Life Skills 4. Often, those skills will be dependent on the needs and interests of the dogs and people in class. In addition to obedience skills, you’ll work on tricks and build foundation for dog sports like agility, rally & obedience. Most importantly, you’ll have a fun and active weekly class for you and your dog to keep growing together!

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