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Agility Level 3 - Drills & Course Running

Agility Level 3 - Drills & Course Running

In-person class

New to McCann Dogs? Please contact our office to discuss your registration in our Sports Programs.

This class will focus on enhancing teamwork through skill work and drills. Students will learn handling skills in short sequences as well as course work. This class is perfect for handlers interested in playing Agility recreationally or those who have hopes of competing in the future.

The drills are specifically designed to help dogs and handlers learn to run together with speed and confidence. This builds a solid partnership before doing more technical sequences. This class will prepare teams for competition at starter levels.

Dogs should be able to perform all obstacles to participate in this level. Guides for Weaves can be used for further progression, but dogs must be able to use a straight set of 12 without channels. 

McCann Dogs Agility offers a comprehensive coaching program in a fun and supportive environment dedicated towards those interested in competing with their dogs.

At this time, our program is nearing capacity and preference each session is given to those currently in the program or those who have completed their basic training though the McCann Dogs Life Skill Programs.

If you are new to us and hoping to join our Agility classes, please contact our office team to book an assessment/private lesson with one of our agility coaches to see which level would be most appropriate. Please note that new dog and handler teams must have the same skill level and verbal control off leash around distractions as our life skills 3 students.

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