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McCann Dog Training Long-Line (21')

McCann Dog Training Long-Line (21')

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This is the ultimate tool for working toward "off-leash" listening skills. Crafted from durable Biothane® material, this leash offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, ensuring reliability in any training environment. With its generous length of 21 feet, you'll have ample length to practice commands and exercises at a distance while still having control!

The waterproof and easy-to-clean design makes maintenance easy, while the lightweight construction provides comfort during extended training sessions. Whether you're teaching recall, obedience, or agility, the McCann Dog Training Long Line is your go-to tool for success. 

Available in two widths

1/2" x 21' recommended for dogs 15 lbs and over

3/8" x 21' recommended for dogs under 15lbs (Small Breed)

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