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Trick Tuesday: Shake-a-Paw, High 5 & Wave!

Welcome to the first in our Trick Tuesday series. Every Tuesday, we'll be posting a new trick tutorial.

The first packs a punch as a 3-fer. Teach your dog to shake-a-paw, give you 5 and wave all with the same basic lure.

Method: luring
Skill level: beginner
What you'll need: Food, dog and a conditioned reinforcer

If you know about conditioned reinforcers already, feel free to skip ahead.  If not, here's the quick explanation.  A conditioned reinforcer (or behaviour marker) is anything that holds the value of a primary reinforcer (eg. food, toy or anything else the dog will work for).  A CR can be a clicker or a word that you've chosen.  If your dog is new to CR's, take a moment to load it up!  Take a handful of your dog's favourite treats, *click* and then feed. Repeat this sequence multiple times.  Your dog will quickly start to pair the *click* (or your word) with getting a yummy treat.  This is called "loading your clicker."

This video will take you through the rest of the instructions!


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