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Gentle Leader Headcollar With Metal Buckle* (no-slip)

Gentle Leader Headcollar With Metal Buckle* (no-slip)

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This Gentle Leader Headcollar With Metal Buckle* (no-slip) is the perfect option if you need to get a little more control of your pulling, jumping dog. This version of the Gentle Leader comes with a metal buckle so it won't slip once it's fitted correctly on your dog! One of our favorite things about the Gentle Leader headcollar is your ability to wean off of it in a few steps when your dog is ready! This headcollar was created by the Professional Animal Behavior Associates to be a pain-free option for dogs who need more direction than just a simple flat buckle collar. The collar comes in several different sizes and will fit a wide variety of breeds of dogs. These collars are made right here in Canada!


  • The Gentle Leader gently calms boisterous dogs of all sizes.  It is highly recommended if your dog is strong or difficult to control.
  • The neck strap fits snugly, high around the dog’s neck (below the ears).  It should fit like a belt.  The nose loop fits loosely around the muzzle, behind the corners of your dog’s mouth.  You should be able to slide the nose loop to the end of the nose, but not off of the nose. 
  • Initially, have your dog wear the Gentle Leader as much as possible to help them adjust to it.
  • Remember you must supervise your dog while they are wearing the Gentle Leader.  They can get it off & chew it if you’re not watching them.
  • It is important that your dog associates the Gentle Leader with positive things.  Be sure to do fun things with them while they are wearing the Gentle Leader, such as feeding them their dinner, giving them treats, throwing a toy for them to retrieve, or having snuggle time.

See the info below for the correct fit for your dog.

SMALL: Up to 25lbs/11kgs (Beagles, Jack Russells, Shelties)

MEDIUM: 25 to 60lbs/12 to 27kgs (Dalmations, Pointers, Spaniels, Sighthounds)

LARGE: 60 to 130lbs/28 to 59kgs (Danes, Goldens, Rotties, Shepherds)

EXTRA LARGE: Over 130 lbs/59kg (Giant Breed Dogs)

Here is a quick video about the gentle leader and its use:

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