All dogs are capable of showing possession. It is ingrained in their DNA as canines and part of their base instinct behaviours as predatory creatures. So how do we work through this instinct to ensure our dogs don't think they need to turn teeth towards us if we wander into their space while they have an item of value?


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Leadership is an important thing in so many situations. Good leaders are revered and keep the world moving smoothly. Good leaders make wonderful bosses, raise amazing children and, for our purposes today, raise and train wonderful dogs. So the burning question, of course, is what makes a good leader when it comes to dogs?


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To some people, the idea of a Daycare for Dogs is still outrageous, but we know that dogs have taken on a different role in our lives. We want to make sure their needs are met through the day, which sometimes means enlisting the help of a dog walker or a daycare. For most people, it's also a nice thing to bring home a tired dog at the end of the day, but daycare is not for every dog and not every daycare is created equally.


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So, you're training your dog. Congratulations! Training adds to your journey and will help you build a great relationship. What could be more bonding than learning to communicate better with each other? We see 500 dogs a week come through our classes and a common question we get during training is 'what do we do the REST of the time?' While you wait for the lessons you're teaching to be ready for practical use, how do you live with the dog?


I saw an infographic on Facebook today that I had to read several times because I was in such adamant disagreement with one of the suggestions. The information was surrounding recall training and while most of it was helpful, good advice, there was one point that made me cringe as I tried to make sense of it. 


You never know what your dog might find on a walk and if you like to walk with your dogs off leash, there's always a chance that they'll pick up something that could be harmful to them. To combat this danger, I play a great game with my dogs when we're out and about to ensure that if they do find something they shouldn't eat or swallow, I've rehearsed a positive outcome with them.


Next to teaching your dog to come when you call, I will venture out on a limb and suggest that teaching them to stop and down randomly (where they are) is the second most important skill that you can teach your dog. Here's why:


We wouldn't want to wear a giant fur coat in the summer, so should your dog? As always, there's no black and white answer. It's entirely dependent on the type of coat your dog carries.


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Do you have a dog who loses their mind around other dogs? Does your dog turn into a champion weight puller the second they see another dog? Well, if you're ready to put in some work, here's how to turn Fido into a polite and enjoyable partner to walk with, regardless of the distractions.


There was a time that Ticks seemed like mythical creatures in our corner of the world. We didn't have to worry about them because most of us had never seen one. Unfortunately, this is a far cry from our new reality.